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Feel great, do good.

Join me in the arts of Yoga, Thai Massage, Qigong, Acro, Meditation and Magic to enhance your vibrancy.

Lara-Lyn's Story

Head of a scientist, hands of a botanist and heart of an artist and healer - Lara-Lyn is a joyful and intuitive Yoga, Acrobatics, Qigong and Meditation teacher as well as a Thai Massage therapist. 

Her love for understanding humans started early with performance arts, acting, dancing and character analysis through psychology.

At the age of 19 she stumbled into yoga through martial arts. She practiced yoga for around 12 years before becoming a teacher, and has now been teaching for a further 7 years and counting.

Through Partner Acrobatics training she also found the sacred arts of Thai Massage and Qigong and has been marrying all these powerful practices together to create magic.

"I consider myself a joyful teacher and practitioner of these healing arts and strive to help others cultivate well-being through movementbreathmeditation and community."

Enhance your vitality, harness life and be a source of light and love in this world.

Healed people heal more people.

What our Clients Say

Dr. Derell Louw

I never thought that I would be excited about yoga…then I met Lara lyn.

Her kind words and gentle, loving soul helped me discover what yoga could do for me. I was so stuck on what I couldn’t do that I completely missed what I could.

The journey has been an eye opener for me…learning to be a human being and not always a human doing☺️  Discovering the strength yoga could unlock in my physical as well as mental health.

It’s the little anecdotes that keep me going, through her guidance I have learned to appreciate what my body could do, to acknowledge discomfort and to sit with it, you are not in competition with anyone and to quiet my mind (this was a tough one😜)

The list goes on but one thing that is for sure if my yoga journey did not start with Lara lyn it most probably never gotten this far. 

She also does  the most amazing Thai massages, her healing touch, intuition and ability to connect with people is simply amazing😍

Tobias Family

We joined Lara-Lyn as a family during September 2020 to help get out of the covid lockdown rut and haven't been able to miss a week of class since!

We joined mainly for the physical yoga work, however our greatest takeaway, which positively translates into our day-to-day lives, is the breath work training (Pranayama). 

Erik Ahrens

Calm, supportive, and incredibly personalised experience - many pursue to teach, few epitomise knowledge, passion, and energy in a manner such as Lara-Lyn.

An unequivocally gifted teacher, leader, and spiritual guide. 

Sue Zimny

When I hear the name Lara-Lyn, I think of total relaxation, mixed with wonderful positive energy that she radiates.  

Whether doing yoga in studio or online her angelic, calm & soothing voice will soon have that stressful day feeling like a distant memory, even in a challenging yoga pose.

Don’t get me started on her Thai Massages – “WOW”, she makes 2 hours feel like 10 minutes and you just want to start all over again. I feel like a new person when I leave, she is just so passionate at what she does & listens to what you need.

I would recommend Lara-Lyn in a heartbeat as your yoga teacher or as a Thai massage therapist as she lives and breathes her work and goes the extra mile to help you learn and be your best.

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During lockdown I filmed some yoga classes of all lengths and levels and you can have them for free - from my heart to your home.