Hi, I'm Lara-Lyn...

Movement lover, teacher and healer. But, I have also been called a “floating trophy”,

Let me tell you about it ...

I haven’t held down a ‘job’ for more than 13 months in my life. I dabbled, I hustled, I moved and I changed my mind as often as I wanted to. I have lived out loud and honest. If it wasn’t fun or fulfilling, I couldn’t stick with it. I rebelled against the idea that I HAD to do anything. I want to be free. I want to be real.

And I believe many people are like me.

I was on a mission. I still am.

How this helped me become ME

I am curious and I tried a lot of stuff. From a smallie 7 year old girl I did ballet, but I was “dismissed” for being a little unruly and bunking. I did all the sports offered in school — with moderate success in most (even hurdles which is interesting when you are 159cm). As a teenager I did gymnastics, until I didn’t. In my early adult years, I tinkered around with dancing and movement studies in university as part of my performance arts — I am also an actress which is another love of mine, but let’s stay on track.

Then I dived into Kickboxing, for which I did achieve my black belt and a silver medal in competition. And I started Yoga around the age of 20 in the hopes of improving my flexibility for kickboxing, but as the years went by yoga became much more. Actually, I still didn’t fully commit to my yoga practice until I did my own teacher training and discovered the deeper layers of the practice and the profound impact it had on my understanding of life.

But I’m skipping ahead... A few years earlier, before I was a teacher of any sorts...

One night, at a house party, I met two guys who did AcroYoga in the middle of the living room, and THIS was a big turning point for me. I got in there! In a dress, legs in the sky, lime green panties and all. I didn’t care. I was in love. Acro became my darling passion. A fire was lit.

I became a teacher by accident, I thought. I taught two friends some of the basics I learned so I could have training partners. Then people saw us doing acro and yoga in the park and asked about it. Reluctant at first, I agreed to teach some free sessions on Sundays to anyone who wanted to learn. It took off, and I discovered a lot of joy in teaching.

Then a local yoga studio asked me to give some relief yoga classes. Reluctant again, I agreed. I needed to make some cash and it seemed easy enough, after all, I’d been practicing on and off for more than a decade by then. Boom! the joy of teaching was there too. I hurried off to do my yoga teacher training.

My next goal was Acro trainings. I did what I needed to do to make money to get to some good trainings around the world. Along the way, I found and fell in love with Thai Massage. I discovered that I had a lot of love and care for people and this was a channel for that.

I stumbled into the perfect trifecta - Yoga, Acro and Thai Massage. I share and teach them all, but in my own life — one is my solo practice, one is a team effort and the other is my offering to others.

I also completed #handstand365 in 2015— yep, 1 year of #handstandseveryday! so I obviously also love teaching handstands and arm-balances.

Today, I run a successful yoga studio in my home city of Windhoek, Namibia  and my definition of success is that we are a group of more than 10 teachers who offer loving yoga classes to a very close community. It’s much more than a business, @the_yoga_shala is a sanctuary. I teach acrobatics around the world with another incredible community of sharing, caring and fun-loving humans, and I give Thai massages from my home, or on my travels.

Soooooo, that brings us to the present  moment. I have been creating online content to continue sharing these joyful practices with the world.

During 2020, I filmed the FREE 7-day Yoga video series since I had a bit of time on my hands 😉 and its available for free to anyone who wants it.

And there is already some other cool free content on this site, so go have a look-see and leave me some comments or requests on my blog posts. Let me know what you would like to learn. I love making content specific for people!



P.S. If you wanna try my online yoga classes go to The Yoga Shala and sign up. These are not free but are really affordable and fun.

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