Elemental Yoga Series

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Course Structure

11 Lessons

Yoga Lessons

Try to do at least one lesson, bonus video or audio meditation each day.  :-)

Easy Breezy Yoga Flow (Air) — 35 min

A great place to start!

Join me for this easy, 35 minute slow yoga flow to help lay the foundation for the rest of this series.

Bonus Lesson: Office Yoga Daily Stretch — 10 min

This is a 10 min bonus video to help you inject movement into your daily life — at your desk, in your office.

It's that easy to stay mobile, active and feeling good every day!

Grounding Earth Strength Builder (Earth) — 45 min

Get grounded and build up your strength both physically & energetically with this 45 minute Hatha style yoga practice — inspired by the element earth.

Release & Recover Yoga Flow (Heart) — 50 min

Using dynamic movements and breath-work, you can create release in your body to recover from tightness and muscle soreness. Join me for this 50 minute class as a bridge to the more challenging sessions to come.

Bonus Lesson: Yoga Booster Bliss — 15 min

A short, but challenging yoga snack to launch you into action on your mat for those days where time is your most limited resource.

This class makes it easy to keep your practice steady!

Water Flow Yoga Session (Water) — 60 min

"Be water my friend." - Bruce Lee

Let's start with a trickle, then a stream. Feel the current, become the tide.

This hour long, medium strength Vinyasa style flow will help you to tap into your inner creativity with focus on your sacral chakra.

Lunar Yin & Yoga Nidra (Moon) — 60 min

Delicious & divine. Balance your yoga practice with this restorative Yin yoga session — ending in a 15 minute Yoga Nidra meditation.

The moon reminds us to embrace all of our phases.

Solar Power Sequence (Sun) — 75 min

This a strong class.

Ignite your inner heat & power with this challenging Vinyasa practice.

Bonus Lesson: Dream Catcher Bedtime Yoga — 20 min

Prepare yourself for sleep by doing this relaxing 15 minute nighttime yoga sequence. Dream...

Audio Meditations

Download and enjoy these soothing meditations to use whenever you need.

Open the mp3 files on your favorite music player (like iTunes) so you can listen with headphones for an enhanced experience.

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